Castable Refractory

Supply Ability:1T-5000T
Application:cement, coal crushing, mining


It cannot only be casted as the lining body, but also be used as precast blocks by the casting or ram-jolt method. The castable refractory is suitable to the low abrasion area of high temperature, such as the bottom air chamber of the boiler, the primary air duct, the vertical material returning tube (material leg), the furnace wall of tail flue, the slag cooler, the fillers for kinds of furnace doors, etc.

The followings are main products of castable refractory in our company.

1. Castable Refractory For Vacuum Ladle

This kind of castable refractory is a appropriative product for kinds of molten aluminum ladles. Compared with the traditional refractory materials, it has improved the service life, the integrity and the heat insulation of ladles. Its main materials are alumina, corundum, mullite, spinel, alumina powder, zirconium composite powder, chromium oxide powder, pure calcium aluminate cement, etc. This kind castable refractory can be classify by the proportion of raw materials into magnesium-chromium quality, mullite quality, zirconium composite corundum quality and so on.

2. Castable Refractory for Aluminum Flow Groove

This castable refractory is made up of high quality bauxite and a variety of trace materials. It has the high refractoriness, anti-spalling performance, impact resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life and high construction efficiency.

3. High-strength Anti-seepage Castable Refractory

This castable refractory selects a reasonable raw material of aluminum-silicon, and mixes a composite binder and a variety of additives. it is used in the side of aluminum electrolytic cell. When the liquid electrolyte leakage from the gap of carbon bricks, the reaction will produce the dense vitreous nepheline, blocking continued infiltration. It has the high strength, small volume density, low thermal conductivity and ease of construction and so on.

4. Other Castable Refractory

There are GC-18 platy corundum castable refractory, JX-65 anti-spalling wear-resistant castable refractory, J corundum-mullite castable refractory, JX-6 carborundum-mullite castable refractory, etc.

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